Short courses in ceramics

Wheel-forming & hand-building


The Potter’s Art: Beginners - wheel

  • $495, 8 weeks
  • Mondays 6.30-9.00pm 24 July-11 Sept
  • Thursdays 6.30-9.00pm 27 July-14 Sept
  • Saturdays 2.30-5.00pm 29 July-16 Sept

Learn the art of wheel-formed ceramics including making (throwing) on a pottery wheel, finishing and glazing simple shapes – a great foundation in ceramics for people new to clay or wanting to build on basic skills.

Fees include materials; firing $8.00/kg


The Potter's Art: Intermediate - wheel

  • $495, 8 weeks
  • Tuesdays 6.30-9.00pm 25 July-12 Sept

Consolidate and extend your wheel-forming skills; experimenting with different clay bodies, making larger and more complex shapes and modifying thrown work with handles, spouts or lids.

Fees include up to 20kg house clay and use of stock glazes; specialist clays can be purchased as required; firing is $8.00/kg


Hand-building Projects: Beginners

  • $495, 8 weeks
  • Tuesdays 6.30-9.00pm 25 July-12 Sept

Learn hand-building techniques including coil, slab and pinched construction of functional and sculptural objects and begin to explore surface possibilities including decorative techniques and glazing.  A great foundation in ceramics for people new to clay or wanting to refresh their off-wheel skills.

Fee includes materials; firing is $8.00/kg


Form & Surface: Intermediate - (hand-building)

  • Tuesdays 10am-3pm $880 (8 x 4 hrs) 25 July-12 Sept
  • Thursdays 6-9pm $660 (8 x 3 hrs) 27 July-14 Sept
Extend your exploration of hand-building methods and sculptural techniques, refine your skills and experiment with a diverse and interesting range of clays, and surface treatments such as slips, engobes and glazes. Explore areas of interest in traditional and contemporary ceramics.  Classes include projects designed around particular techniques and approaches as well as development of individual work.
Fee includes clay and materials for testing and development; specialised clays for individual projects can be purchased at SoCA; firing is $8.00/kg.