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Drawing Projects - teacher David Gatiss

  • Mondays 10.00am-4.00pm $600 (4 sessions per 8 week term)
  • Term 3 2017 Sessions 31 July, 14 & 28 August, 11 September

Artist and teacher David Gatiss will take you through a diverse and challenging series of drawing projects exploring mark-making as a way to express ideas, connect with felt experience, and convey meaning.   A variety of media and approaches will be used, including pencil, ink, charcoal, gouache and collage.    David will also provide individual mentoring to support participants wanting to deepen their independent practice and develop a body of work.


Fees include a range of drawing materials.  Excludes specialised paper and materials for individual projects.

2017 Term Dates (4 sessions per term)

TERM 1  13/2 27/2 20/3 3/4
TERM 2  1/5 15/5 29/5 19/6
TERM 3  31/7 14/8 28/8 11/9
TERM 4  16/10 30/10 20/11 4/12

Freeing the Eye - teacher Shane Kent

  • Mondays 10.00am-4.00pm $600 (4 sessions per 8 week term)
  • Term 3 2017 Sessions 24 July, 7 & 21 August, 4 September

Freeing the Eye explores perception and creativity via drawing and other exercises that investigate the methods used by early modernists – including Cezanne, Giacometti and Picasso – to break away from received ways of perceiving and representing reality and ‘free the eye’ from assumptions and preconceptions as to what is being seen.

Ideas that will be explored include:

  • Differentiating observer, subject and artwork
  • Ways of seeing in non-western art traditions eg African and Oceanic art
  • The role of the unintentional or finding vs seeking
  • The influence of states and structures of consciousness on perception

You will explore ideas and techniques through a series of projects that are both playful and challenging. These include drawing, experiments with colour, small-scale sculpture and transposition of drawing to sculpture and sculpture to drawing. Time will be given to reflecting on processes and experiences in group discussion to deepen your understanding of ways of seeing.

“Once the eye has been freed from all obstructions, a state of transparency can be attained. 
 And the new eye renews the world: nothing being taken for granted, everything remains to be discovered; any object whatever, the most ordinary fragment of reality, can catch the eye and amaze one into looking closer, seeing better, and becoming more aware of what perception reveals.”                              

Charles Juliet Giacometti pp 29-30

All levels are welcome. Most important is a sense of curiosity about perception and the creative process and openness to the challenge of exploring different ways of seeing.

2017 Term Dates (4 sessions per term)

TERM 1  6/2 20/2 6/3 27/3
TERM 2  24/4 8/5 22/5 5/6
TERM 3  24/7 7/8 21/8 4/9
TERM 4  9/10 23/10 13/11 27/11